Why Jamology is the Best Preserves on the Shelf

The best artists, musicians and chefs know that sometimes the thing that makes or breaks a masterpiece is actually what you don’t include in the finished piece. The silence between the notes makes the music, as Debussy once said. At Jamology, we’ve taken this philosophy to heart in every batch of delicious jam we create. Made with simple ingredients, low on added sugar, and no preservatives, this is jam in its sweetest, most pure form. This is Jamology!

100% Vegan and Gluten-Free

We know what you might be thinking — aren’t all fruit jams and preserves vegan? It’s fruit, right? For the most part, you’d be correct — if it wasn’t for one particular common ingredient called “gelatin.” Many commercially produced jellies contain gelatin, which is in fact an animal product, used as a thickening agent. Jamology’s methodology doesn’t need gelatin to achieve their luxurious consistency, so fear not! You’ll find no gelatin or any other animal products in our jams, which can also be enjoyed by those sensitive to gluten.


We only use figs that have been locally sourced right here in California, and it’s for a very good reason. Not only is California known for its delicious figs, locally sourced fruit means fresh fruit. All of the figs that go into every jar of Jamology preserves are freshly picked. They haven’t been sitting in containers for who-knows-how-long as they travel from far and wide. Jamology preserves will only ever use locally sourced figs that were picked at the peak of freshness and immediately processed for you.

We Only Use Locally Sourced Figs

No Mysterious Preservatives

As the name may suggest, fruit preserves don’t actually need to contain any additional synthetic preservatives. All the preservative qualities in Jamology jams come from the natural sugars and acids found in fruit, so there’s no need for any additional preservatives


Many of the jarred preserves you’ll find on the grocery store shelf are so packed with added sugar the delicious, natural flavors of the fruit are completely overpowered. Some are essentially just vaguely fruit-flavored sugar jellies. At Jamology, we prefer to let the fruits in our preserves speak for themselves and let their real, beautiful flavors shine. We never add more sugar than is necessary. The result is a fruit-forward preserve that actually tastes like the fruit on the label!

Low Sugar Delight


Each and every jar of preserves from Jamology combines the best of two worlds — sunny California and cafes of the streets of Paris. We believe that less sugar and more fruit makes better jam — it’s really that simple!

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