4 Jamology Perfect Pairings

There’s nothing wrong with popping open a jar of Jamology California Black Mission Fig jam and spreading it on a thick, warm, crispy piece of toast. But if you’re only using jam to amp up your morning toast, you’re not fully embracing the flavorful potential of Jamology’s fruit-forward preserves! Let’s explore four of our favorite pairings using our California Black Mission Fig and Cherry Walnut jams to help spark your culinary creativity.


Let’s Get Cheesy With Figs

Cheese enthusiasts know the flavor potential that is possible when paired with the perfect jam. With our fig jam, it’s time to go big or go home. Cheeses that may be considered strong to some palates can find their balance when paired with a fruit-forward fig jam. We recommend slathering an entire disk of brie with our fig jam and then baking. The resulting baked brie that comes out of your oven will be the very definition of creamy, cheesy decadence, perfectly paired with the fruity zing of figs.

Ham sandwich paired with Jamology preserves

Take Your Ham Sandwich to the Next Level

This is not the ham and cheese sandwich that you had packed in your lunchbox when you were a kid. Fig jam can bring your ham and cheese sandwich rocketing into the world of decadent, savory comfort. Feel free to play around with cheese options — like you need an excuse — but we recommend using gruyere, black forest ham, and if you’re feeling adventurous, some caramelized onions. Place your preferred amount of these sandwich fillings with Jamology’s California Black Mission Fig jam between two pieces of rustic Italian bread, butter it up, and grill in a skillet over medium heat until each side is golden brown, flipping carefully. Cut on a diagonal, serve warm, and be prepared to enter sandwich bliss.

Luxurious Crispy Duck with Cherry Jam

When it comes to poultry, chicken is most people’s go-to meat. During the holidays, you’ll see turkey pop up here and there as well. But to really provide a luxurious treat for an upscale dinner or to entertain guests, consider crispy duck with a jam-infused pan sauce. Whether you’re pan-searing duck or roasting it, you can easily create a decadent pan sauce using Jamology’s Cherry Walnut jam, white wine, orange juice, thyme, and butter. There are several recipes for pan sauces available on culinary sites, so explore and find a recipe that appeals to you! Cherry is a classic pairing with duck, and our flavorful, fruit-forward cherry jam is just the thing you need for a meal you won’t forget.

New York style cheesecake paired with Jamology preserves
Heavenly Cheesecake Topping

Whether you prefer to bake your own cheesecake or you need a way to elevate a store bought variety, adding Jamology’s Cherry Walnut jam is an alarmingly simple addition that can bring your dessert from drab to fabulous in no time. Spread as little or as much over a thick, New York-style cheesecake for instant cheesecake paradise.

The next time you’re putting together a delicious spread to entertain guests or simply looking for a way to creatively expand your culinary recipe book, make use of Jamology’s delicious, homemade, California-grown fruit-forward jams, and don’t forget to let us know what delicacies you’ve come up with!

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